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Using ride-hailing service aims to save dealerships money, make customers happier

Dealership service departments are offering customers Lyft rides to relieve pressure on their loaner fleets and shuttles.

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Mini program enables top dealership service techs to work with race crews

Mini says its program of embedding dealership service techs with race crews is promoting teamwork and building morale.

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Service customers to dealership shops: Text me, please

Service customers greatly prefer that dealership shops notify them by text message when their cars or trucks are ready, a new survey suggests.

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Putting the data together

The integration of fixed ops data generated separately by Tire Profiles and Dealer-FX is not unique, says Dave Boyle, CEO of Tire Profiles.

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Statehouses are latest battlefield in longtime war between automakers and aftermarket

A new campaign aims to enlist state lawmakers to mandate greater use of factory parts in collision repair.

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Good fixed ops ideas abound, but service techs' angst is worrisome

Fixed Ops Journal Editor Dave Kushma juxtaposes two trends: Savvy dealers who are increasingly relying on parts and accessories to shore up profits, and a potentially ruinous tide of discontent among service technicians.

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5 minutes with Jordan Hettinga, general manager, parts and accessories, eBay Motors

Jordan Hettinga oversees initiatives that are designed to make it faster, easier and less labor-intensive for new-vehicle dealerships to sell original equipment replacement and repair parts in the eBay online marketplace. Hettinger, previously an executive with Snap-On Tools, says he aims to help dealers keep turning their parts departments' inventory.

On how franchised dealerships can list retail parts on eBay Motors

Many of our 1,000-plus OEM dealers are brought in through third-party partners that create listings for dealerships using OEM parts data. These partners can tap directly into the dealership management system to provide inventory control between the listing and the dealership's inventory records. These partners also have special pricing that enables listing larger volumes of parts.

For high-volume dealers, many of these sellers come through partners such as WHI, OEConnection and RevolutionParts. Through these listing solutions, sellers get benefits, including an eBay storefront and the associated listing fee discount. These partners provide a fast way to list inventory directly from the DMS.

On how eBay helps parts department managers and employees run a mail-order business

We have a variety of training resources available online to sellers of parts and accessories. Additionally, the partners I mentioned before have a ton of support available for working with dealers directly.

The partners will work you through an onboarding process to help you understand what it takes to be a better online retailer. They help sellers get a grasp on best practices, shipping and packaging expectations in the industry, and more. Our partners are well equipped to help dealerships with a successful e-business strategy.

On eBay Motors' initiatives to help dealerships get into mail-order parts sales

We continue to work on growing authorized reseller programs for OEM dealerships. These are programs we've created with the OEMs to help build trust with buyers ? to help give better visibility that the part they're buying is authentic and from an OEM dealership.

One of the things that comes up regularly is obsolete inventory ? what do we do for it? EBay is a great way for dealerships to start listing and selling parts on the platform. It's even easier if you're using a third-party partner; your obsolete inventory already exists in your DMS. It's a great way to try to clear out inventory that tends to be a pain point for some dealerships.

On how eBay helps reduce returns by helping buyers find the right part

We have built algorithms that connect the largest catalog of parts and auto inventory in the world, with unique visual diagrams based on car make and model. Buyers can search for the part they are looking for with just one click and be guaranteed that it is right for their vehicle.

Shop by Diagram is a new feature that we rolled out in August. It supports vehicles from 1995 to the present model year. We have plans to expand this feature to include older-model vehicles.

What's really useful for OEM dealers is that anytime a consumer engages and tells us their vehicle information when they are purchasing a part, we provide that information to the seller directly.

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Chicago dealership techs' union says issues that led to strike remain unresolved

A year after a strike by service technicians at Chicago area dealerships, union officials say that the settlement has left key issues unresolved.

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Before selling cars, the Kari family opened a bicycle garage in the late 1920s that expanded to vehicle maintenance and repair. As this late 1920s photo shows, the family also sold gasoline: 16.6 cents a gallon.

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Flat-rate pay system continues to divide dealers and technicians

The flat-rate pay system, which assigns specific amounts of time to do vehicle repair and maintenance work, was a key issue in last year's strike of service technicians at Chicago-area auto dealerships. Flat-rate is a blessing to techs who can regularly beat ?book times,? but a curse to others who can't always complete jobs in the allotted times.

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