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Dealer-FX freshens service software
Service technology provider Dealer-FX hopes a "new coat of paint" on its signature wiAdvisor product will help win over some Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dealers.... more 
FTC orders dealership group to stop deceptive recall scheme
The Passport group of auto dealerships in suburban Washington, D.C., and a California marketing firm have settled claims they deceptively mailed more than 21,000 fake "urgent recall" notices to consumers, the Federal Trade Commission said this month.... more 
Dealers, automakers use new tools to reach vehicle owners
U.S. light-vehicle recalls have plunged to their lowest level in five years. But as the nature of safety recalls changes with the evolution of automotive technology, automakers and dealerships are turning to new tools to reach owners of recalled vehicles.... more 
5 minutes with Beau Brauer, president, Hunter Engineering Co.
Beau Brauer, Hunter Engineering's president, talks about how the family-owned company has become one of the dominant suppliers of shop equipment for new-vehicle dealerships' service departments and independent shops.... more 
Heavy trucks do heavy lifting for 3D printing
For now, makers of heavy trucks and equipment are ahead of auto manufacturers in their use of 3D printing.... more 
Lexus' pledge should be every carmaker's and dealer's commitment
The Lexus Covenant is etched in a 6½-foot slab of black granite block in the lobby of the automaker's U.S. headquarters in Plano, Texas. It includes this promise: "Lexus will treat each customer as we would a guest in our home."... more 
What the well-equipped dealership shop is featuring this year
Almost every automaker offers a large portfolio of approved tools that meet its own repair standards and improve shop efficiency. But that hasn't stopped dealers from looking elsewhere for innovative equipment.... more 
Hurricane Florence disrupted dealership service, parts availability in Carolinas
Many new-vehicle dealers in the Carolinas are grateful that their biggest worry in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence — aside from getting evacuated employees resettled and back on the job — was having enough parts delivered to meet an expected surge in service business.... more 
Customer reviews on social media can make or break a service department
Online customer reviews of dealership service departments are the farthest-reaching, longest-lasting form of word-of-mouth advertising. Fixed operations managers need to appreciate and harness the power of social media, which increasingly drive consumers to — or away from — service lanes.... more 
We present some of our favorite tools -- now let's hear about yours
Our special report in this issue of Fixed Ops Journal looks at "tools of the trade" —some of the hardware and software products that are designed to help dealership service departments run more efficiently, make more money and serve customers better.... more 

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