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Incentives, trade war, mentoring and more in Aug. ?Fixed Ops Journal'

Here are some voices in the August issue of , which will be distributed to subscribers along with the August 19 print edition.

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LETTER: Managers treat techs unfairly, unethically

Frustrations forced this mechanic to quit.

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1 of 3 service customers buys additional work - survey

In late April, DealerRater polled for more than 11,000 consumers who had visited a new-vehicle dealership recently. Among those who had taken their car or truck in for service, 31 percent said they bought additional work proposed by the adviser.

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LETTER: Effective pay plans require monthly review

We believe no pay plan change or system can succeed unless service technicians, advisers and other employees knows you are watching, guiding and making sure they succeed.

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Service counter

A look at the cost of auto repairs, for the customer and the dealership.

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LETTER: Don?t let customer dictate repairs

Under no circumstances can a service adviser and technician accept a customer?s self-diagnosis of a problem and the required repair.

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Hard hats and safety glasses help curb lift injuries

The auto repair industry's reliance on vehicle lifts places a unique burden on dealership shop managers to provide regular safety training for service techs, especially in head protection, says the president of the Automotive Lift Institute.

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LETTER: Diagnosis takes time, too

The problem is not the flat-rate pay system. The problem is the lack of pay for the time it takes a technician to diagnose the issue to fix the car.

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Dealer has paid his service technicians by the hour -- for 25 years
For Coleman Hoyt, a straight-talking new-vehicle dealer in Acton, Mass., the flat rate pay debate is over. And so is the service technician shortage. ... more 
As shop injuries rise, dealership service departments work to reduce risks
As new-vehicle dealerships increasingly rely on fixed operations for revenue, and the flat-rate pay system rewards service technicians who work quickly, some industry analysts warn that shops are at increased risk of employee injuries.... more 

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