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We asked fixed ops managers: How much does your shop rely on flat-rate pay to compensate your service technicians?

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Advisers' pay world gets a little bit flatter

Dealership service departments that have switched to flat-rate pay plans for their advisers say the system creates a more cohesive shop environment.

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Dealership provides training for service technicians in Texas program

Charles Maund Toyota in Austin, Texas, is training formerly homeless people to work as service technicians.

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Service counter

About 44% of buyers of muscle cars ? Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers ? purchase upgraded parts and accessories, according to a study.

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LETTER: Industry must do more to recruit, retain female techs

I am spearheading an initiative at our school to explore options for recruiting more nontraditional students to our automotive programs.

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Big data lets OEMs, dealers predict when vehicles will need service

New technology enables automakers and dealers to predict when Internet-connected vehicles will need maintenance and repair, notify owners.

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LETTER: Service techs face unique tool costs

Automotive repair technicians are required to buy their tools and equipment to perform their work. Name another service industry that requires such an investment, but doesn?t provide compensation that more than offsets it.

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ROUNDUP: News items from the world of fixed operations

News items covered this issue: Survey finds Penske best for parts delivery; Crash parts bill dies in Wyoming Legislature

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Vetoing the advisor

What happens when a self-pay customer knows more than a dealership service adviser about how to repair his or her vehicle?

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LETTER: Dealers must help technicians afford tools

I have had discussions with techs from other dealers who claim to have $50,000, $75,000 or even $250,000 in tools. Dealers need to take a serious look at what specialty tooling they provide in their shops.

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