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With '19 Outback selling well, Subaru taking time with '20 model

Subaru's production switch to the redesigned 2020 Outback crossover comes at a time when the outgoing model is still carrying the brand's volume. So why hurry to ramp up the new one?

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Mahindra tests Mich. tax-break program

A plan to hire 2,000 people at the former GM site in Flint hinges on getting incentives from a program that's nearing its cap and about to expire.

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Safety idea gets a mandate

Automakers were already testing the waters for child-detection safety features. If regulators move forward in the U.S. and Europe, the technologies would be required.

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We don't need all the electronics

Everyone is hellbent on cramming every possible electronic feature into the vehicle, regardless of purpose or benefit.

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What's behind Great Lakes investment surge?

It's a big year for auto industry investment in the traditional corners of the Midwest. Center for Automotive Research monitor Bernard Swiecki delves into why.

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The tag of EV progress: Cutting models

While the German luxury brands double down on electric and hybrid vehicles, they are scaling back elsewhere in the portfolio.

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Signs point to GM scrapping Jeep, Bronco rival

While the U.S. market could absorb another bona fide SUV, says LMC's Jeff Schuster, the program could also be delayed or reworked.

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No return may mean no sale

A return policy could be a headache, but it could also be a key final barrier to online used-vehicle sales.

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Ride-hailing could offset decline in sales

For dealerships, the high-touch needs of ride-hailing drivers represent a significant opportunity in the months and years to come.

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Online F&I product sales help Volvo fix 'glaring' problem

Volvo Cars Financial Services has partnered with F&I software company Darwin to raise subpar per-vehicle profits.

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