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FTC Compliance Guides For Automotive Retailers
(Advertising Rules, Privacy Rule, etc…)
FTC Guide to Advertising Disclosures in Electronic Media
Cash Reporting
8300 Reporting
(Cash Transaction Reporting)- IRS Publication 1544
Consumer Protection
FTC Dealer's Guide to the Used Car Rule
New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act Regulations
New Jersey Vehicle Protection Product (Etch) Regulations
New Jersey Used Car Lemon Law
Division of Consumer Affairs Guide to the New Car Lemon Law
Division of Consumer Affairs Guide To Leasing
US Department of Justice National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
(free vehicle history report)
Dealer Licensing
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Dealer Licensing Resources
New Jersey Department of Banking License
Do Not Call
New Jersey Do Not Call Act
Federal Do Not Call Rules & Regulations
Employment Law
US DOL Guide To Drug Testing Employees
US DOL Drug Free Workplace Advisor
US DOL Guide To Lie-Detector Tests and the Polygraph Protection Act
Federal Employment Posters
Federal Small Business Administration
New Jersey Employment Posters
Anti-Discrimination Poster
Financial Regulations
FTC Compliance Guides For Automotive Retailers
(Advertising Rules, Privacy Rule, etc…)
FTC Safeguards Rule Website
FTC Guide to the Red Flags Rule
FTC Privacy Rule FAQ For Auto Dealers
FTC Guide to Adverse Action and Risk-Based Pricing Compliance
SEC Red Flags Rule Compliance Guide
NADA Dealer Guide to the Safeguard Rule
Family and Medical Leave Act
(US Department of Labor)
New Jersey Family Leave Act Regulations
New Jersey DOLWD Family Leave Insurance Information For Employers
Mandatory Workplace Postings
State of New Jersey Guide to Workplace Posters
Federal Department of Labor Guide to Workplace Posters
Patriot Act
Treasury Department OFAC SDN List Resource Page
Sales & Use Tax
New Jersey Sales Tax Forms
(Including Exemption Certificates)
Sales Tax Guide For Auto Repair Facilities
Division of Taxation Sales and Use Tax Publications
Division of Taxation General Sales and Use Tax Guide
Division of Taxation Notice
(Sales Tax On Automotive Leases)
Division of Taxation Technical Advice Memorandum
(Sales Tax On Internet Sales Leads)
Division of Taxation Technical Bulletin
(Commercial Truck Exemption)
Division of Taxation Technical Advice Memorandum
(Free Lifetime Oil Changes)
Unclaimed Property
New Jersey Unclaimed Property Reporting Information
New Jersey Unclaimed Property FAQs
Wage & Hour
US DOL Wage and Hour Fact Sheets
US DOL Guide to Deductions From Wages
Code of Federal Regulations Overtime Rules
Code of Federal Regulations Rules Governing Exemptions For Salesmen, Mechanics & Parts Employees
 New Jersey Franchise Practices Act
 56:10-1 to 56:10-31

Section 56:10-1 - Short title
Section 56:10-2 - Legislative findings.
Section 56:10-3 - Definitions.
Section 56:10-4 - Application of act
Section 56:10-5 - Termination of franchise; notice; grounds
Section 56:10-6 - Transfer of franchise; notice; approval; agreement of compliance
Section 56:10-6.1 - Violations of the "Franchise Practices Act."
Section 56:10-6.2 - Inapplicability of act to certain distributors.
Section 56:10-6.3 - Inapplicability of act relative to family members.
Section 56:10-6.4 - Severability.
Section 56:10-7 - Prohibited practices.
Section 56:10-7.1 - Prohibition of purchase of alternate motor fuel by franchisee; violation
Section 56:10-7.2 - Findings, declarations
Section 56:10-7.3 - Prohibited conditions, terms of franchise.
Section 56:10-7.4 - Additional practices prohibited.
Section 56:10-8 - Application of act to prior grants of franchises
Section 56:10-9 - Action against franchisor; defenses
Section 56:10-10 - Action against franchisor; damages; injunction; costs
Section 56:10-11 - Severability
Section 56:10-12 - Limitation of liability of franchisor, its officers, agents or employees for furnishing information
Section 56:10-13 - Definitions
Section 56:10-13.1 - Violations concerning relocations
Section 56:10-13.2 - Repurchase of certain vehicles and equipment on termination, cancellation or nonrenewal.
Section 56:10-13.3 - Violations related to termination, cancellation or nonrenewal.
Section 56:10-13.4 - Discontinuation of a series or line, effective termination
Section 56:10-13.5 - Interest on overdue payments
Section 56:10-13.6 - Violations by franchisor
Section 56:10-13.7 - Exceptions to violations by franchisor, "acquiring transferee" defined
Section 56:10-14 - Indemnification and holding harmless franchisees by franchisors for claims and damages due third parties
Section 56:10-15 - Reimbursement for services or parts under warranty or law.
Section 56:10-16 - Definitions.
Section 56:10-17 - Motor vehicle franchise committee
Section 56:10-18 - Conditions for franchise.
Section 56:10-19 - Notice to existing franchisee, protest, appeal.
Section 56:10-20 - Rights of franchisor.
Section 56:10-21 - Hearing on protest.
Section 56:10-22 - Motion for determination that final determination will favor franchisee; prohibition of action by franchisor
Section 56:10-23 - Factors for consideration if proposed franchise will harm public interest.
Section 56:10-24 - Parties responsible for own costs
Section 56:10-25 - Rules and regulations
Section 56:10-26 - Definitions
Section 56:10-27 - Sales through franchises only
Section 56:10-28 - Prohibition of ownership by franchisor
Section 56:10-29 - Action by franchisee
Section 56:10-30 - Actions, alternate dispute resolution proceedings relative to franchise termination.
Section 56:10-31 - Request for additional information by franchisor.

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