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Accident Investigations & Claims Management Webinar Posted To NJ CAR Website (06/11/2018)
NJ CAR has posted a FREE, 20-minute webinar entitled Accident Investigations & Claims Reporting Management, presented by Charles Russo, NJ CAR’s Risk Manager & Safety Specialist. The webi ... more 
NJ CAR Surpasses 1,000 Followers On Facebook (06/11/2018)
Utilize ALL NJ CAR Tools to Stay Informed & Engaged NJ CAR just reached a social media milestone, welcoming it’s 1,000th follower on Facebook. One of the Coalition’s primary missions is to educ ... more 
NJ CAR Wants To Publicize Dealers' Many Contributions To Their Communities (06/11/2018)
New Jersey’s franchised auto retailers support hundreds of worthy causes, from national charities to local pee-wee sports teams and everything in between. They support sports, health and social or ... more 
Safety Tip- Avoiding Musculoskeletal Disorders (06/11/2018)
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are injuries and disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and spinal discs. Improper lifting, reaching, pushing, pulling as well as e ... more 
Utilize ALL NJ CAR Tools To Stay Informed (06/08/2018)
One of NJ CAR’s primary missions is to provide dealers (and their employees) with information that could impact the franchised, automotive retail industry in New Jersey. The Coalition also strive ... more 
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Automotive advertisers steer around new social media scrutiny
Automotive advertisers are sidestepping the potential pothole of Facebook's shift in third-party data policies.... more 
McLaren North American President Tony Joseph makes supercar brand easier to find
McLaren North America President Tony Joseph has been with the brand since it set up shop nine years ago, watching it grow from fledging operations to a growing retail base.... more 
CarMax profits rise on tax-rate change
CarMax's profits rose in the quarter ended May 31 largely because of a lower income tax rate, the nation's largest used-car retailer said Friday.... more 
BMW and Audi dealers call Trump tariff plans 'scary' and 'tragic'
Ask dealers about President Trump's threatening to tax imports of European models, and they'll tell you buyers of those cars might as well throw the money saved on their tax bills out the window.... more 
Nearly 500 Corvette ZR1s recalled over airbag issues, GM says
Nearly 500 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1s from the 2019 model year are being recalled because of airbag deployment issues "under certain conditions."... more 
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