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  AutoTrieve Document Scanning & Retrieval  


AutoTrieve offers dealers a DMS-FREE document scanning and retrieval service that saves time and money!

The AutoTrieve service is a secure, easy to use and economical way to scan and retrieve the immense amount of paperwork generated in your dealership.

This service can reduce space and labor costs. It can also eliminate potential financial exposure stemming from an inability to produce critical documents for manufacturer queries and audits when needed.

No more sorting, filing, copying and refiling paper documents.

For more information, visit http://www.autotrieve.com.

  • Scan your documents directly on to a secure server or have AutoTrieve scan them for you.
  • Images are safely stored in your dealership’s exclusive partition at AutoTrieve.com
  • Retrieve your documents in seconds from any computer or mobile device with 24/7 access.



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