Two Weeks & Counting Until NJ CAR's 90th Annual Meeting 


Since the Coalition’s Annual Meeting returned “in-State” in 1999, the event has literally grown by leaps and bounds.  Each year, additional Exhibitors continue to join the Business Expo and attendance of dealer principals and their managers has increased dramatically.  This year—NJ CAR’s 90th year of service to New Jersey franchised car and truck retailers—is poised to be the biggest event yet!

ith an incredible lineup of seminar presenters and speakers, dealer principals and members of their management teams will not want to miss out on attending the NJ CAR Annual Meeting & Business Expo 2008.

Just look at the caliber of the speakers and presenters who will be participating at this year’s event.

“Anatomy of a Dealership Sale to a Publicly-Owned Dealer Group”—Panel PresentationHear from the experts who have represented dealerships that have sold to the publicly-traded dealer groups.  Which of the “publics” are looking to expand in New Jersey and what are the pitfalls that you should be on the lookout for, in the event you’re thinking about selling?  Presenters include (pictured left to right above): Joseph S. Aboyoun, Esq. of Aboyoun & Heller, LLC; Todd M. Berko of Bel Air Partners; and Conrad L. Druker, CPA of The Mercadien Group.

Christine Andrews
and Rob Campbell, Consultants with the accounting firm of Mironov, Sloan & Parziale, LLC, will participate in an informative presentation that will address the many responsibilities of Office Managers and Controllers and how they can “juggle” those mounting responsibilities while keeping an eye on the dealership’s financial statement, during these challenging business conditions.

What If Your Manufacturer Goes Bankrupt Or Withdraws From The Marketplace?”Panel Presentation—There’s been a lot of speculation in the media lately about the potential bankruptcy of a major automaker.  What would you do if your manufacturer was to file for bankruptcy protection or withdraw from the marketplace?  This special panel presentation will focus on what the experts know and don’t know about bankruptcy and franchise laws and takes a look at the legal consequences of a manufacturer filing for bankruptcy or withdrawing from the marketplace.  Presenters include (pictured left to right above): Marvin J. Brauth, Esq. of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A.; David L. Bruck, Esq. of Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP; Eric L. Chase, Esq. of Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C.; and Theodore E. Schiller, Esq. of Schiller & Pittenger, P.C.

“An Insider’s Look Into Employee Absenteeism”—Panel Presentation.  This interactive panel presentation features Human Resource professionals from two of New Jersey’s largest dealer groups, as well as a well-known Labor Law Specialist.  This unique NJ CAR presentation is designed to offer guidance and advice for addressing a variety of “real life” dealership scenarios that fall under the topic of employee absences.

Topics to be covered include handling separations from employment as a result of Family Leave (including an overview of New Jersey’s new “Paid” Family Leave Act), Disability and Workers’ Comp Claims.  Presenters include (pictured left to righty above): Lisa G. Cesaro, Director of Human Resources for Open Road Auto Group, Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq. of Flaster/Greenberg, P.C., and Gene Hallenbeck, Vice President of Human Resources for the DCH Auto Group.

Rod Lache, Global Auto Team, Deutsch Bank Securities, will be a Keynote Speaker at NJ CAR’s 90th Annual Business Meeting.  Changing consumer demands for product and a sluggish economy, coupled with the recent shakeup of financial markets all have an impact on automobile manufacturers.  Rod will provide Wall Street’s Assessment Of Which Manufacturer(s) Could Be Forced Into Bankruptcy.”

Mike Nicholes of Mike Nicholes Capital Management, Inc., a leading authority on “turn and earn” inventory management and a previous NADA workshop presenter, will present a three-part seminar: “Advanced Parts Inventory Management.”  The number one job of the Parts Department is to "feed" Service Technicians.  Technician productivity is directly linked to parts availability.  "Prompt repairs equate to an improved CSI for your dealership."  This "must attend" seminar for Parts and Service Directors will demonstrate how improved management of your parts inventory will have a positive impact on your dealership.

Ron Reahard
is President of Reahard & Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized training and consulting company.  Ron has created and conducted numerous training programs, seminars and management workshops for NADA and various state and local dealer associations.  He has authored several articles on F&I that have appeared in F&I Management & Technology Magazine.  Ron conducted the workshop “It’s a Menu…Not a Magic Bullet” at the 2007 F&I Conference and “F&I in an X & Y World” at the 2008 NADA Convention.  

There are no shortcuts when it comes to selling today’s consumer.  F&I infomercials, menu software and tired old closes don’t sell products… trained professionals do!  A Financial Services Professional must be capable of capitalizing on customer objections.  The ability to welcome multiple objections and respond positively no matter how many objections the customer raises is the sign of an experienced professional.  Ron’s two-part workshop—“F&I in an X & Y World”—will enable F&I managers to dramatically improve the financial services experience, and implement a needs-based sales process that will explode your dealership's F&I income.  It will also detail 15 action ideas that will wow customers, and increase $PRU through a customer-focused F&I process that will help turn any “No” into a “Yes!”

ear from Economic and Automotive Industry Experts who will get out their crystal ball for a look at how the economy, gas prices and other factors will affect consumer demand for new vehicles in 2009.  Hear New Jersey’s pre-eminent economist (pictured left to right), Joseph J. Seneca, Ph.D., discuss the state of the State’s economy now and his forecast for the near future.  Learn when consumers will start coming back to the market, how fast and how hard.  Then hear from Automotive News Editor David Sedgwick about the dramatic shifts in consumers’ choice of vehicles and how that will affect what you sell in 2009.

he current economic slowdown and recent jitters on Wall Street are of concern to many consumers and won’t help the challenging business conditions being experienced by many dealerships.  Dealer Principals will want to hear this presentation, “When and What will Consumers be Buying in 2009,” scheduled for 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 16, 2008.  

udy Vann
of JV Solutions, LLC and Patrick Cox, Esq. of NJ CAR will present “Is Your Dealership Ready For Red Flags?—An Overview Of The FTC Red Flags Rule.”  This special 2-½ hour seminar presentation will provide a final opportunity for dealerships to be trained to enable them to implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP) for their dealership prior to the mandatory compliance deadline of November 1, 2008. 

Note: Beginning November 1, 2008, all motor vehicle retailers, who originate loans or leases, will be required to have a formal program in place to prevent identity theft crimes.  

Joe Verde of Joe Verde Group, a nationally-known automotive sales authority and previous NADA presenter, will provide an informative two-part seminar: “The Quick & Easy Way To Increase Unit Sales & Gross Profit NOW!  There are a lot of things happening in today’s market that you can’t control.  Joe will show you how to increase your dealership's floor traffic today, he’ll clearly explain how to sell to today’s changing buyer and he’ll give you step-by-step solutions you can use at your dealership tomorrow to sell more units, have more fun and make more money!

Paul Webb of Street Smart/Paul Webb Training/Webb VT/LTS, Inc. (a leading Internet authority and previous NADA presenter) will present a special three-part presentation: “How To Maximize Proftis In Internet Sales…The Team Approach.”  Today, over 87% of the customers, who purchase or shop for a vehicle, research and visit the Internet before calling or visiting a dealership.  These seminars will prepare you for the reality that Paul sums up in one sentence: "The Internet business today is the same as the bricks and mortar business of yesterday."  Attendees will learn how to combine best practices that build a team environment in the dealership; one that avoids the trap of the Internet Department fighting the Sales Department.  This special three-part presentation will provide attendees with the latest information that will allow your dealership to increase profits using the Internet.

Something For Everyone


            With individual tracks offered for Dealer Principals, General Sales Managers and Sales Managers; F&I Managers; Fixed Operations Managers; and Office Managers and Controllers; in addition to an Internet Sales & Marketing Track; there is something for every member of your dealership’s management team at NJ CAR’s Annual Meeting & Business Expo 2008. 


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